I heard through a few blogging buddies that Lane Bryant was offering a free camisole (no purchase required), so last night, DaMama and I went out to do a little shopping.

We needed to go to a neighboring town to pick up some thread for a sewing project of hers and conveniently, a Lane Bryant is in that same plaza! We used a coupon for 40% off to pick up the thread (a savings of $2.51), and while we were browsing around, looking at different materials, I found some beautiful denim with cream colored, scrolling stitiching on it - that was 50% off! While that was a good price, we didn't realize until we got to the cutting table that it was ringing up 75% off!! For that price, we took all the fabric that was left. It's going to make some amazingly cute (and sturdy) re-usable shopping bags. I've already placed my order with DaMama for another set of bags. I just cannot seem to have enough of them!

Then we popped in to Lane Bryant and each grabbed a free camisole (regular retail price of $19.50!). The girls at the register we also handing out couposn for 40% off one regular priced item, which came in handy, too. I have been eying their new johnny-colored tee shirts for a few weeks now, and with that extra percent off, I treated myself to a $15.00 splurge of a new, pretty tee.

After Lane Bryant, we popped in to Butera on the way home and I picked up deli-style chunks of cheese for $1.98 lb. (munster and mozzarella), a small package of chicken breast ($1.59 lb.), some chicken leg quarters ($.69 lb.), some $1.69 lb. Italian sausage (bulk or rope style), and a small loaf of garlic bread ($.99). The cheese, chicken, and sausage are great staples to have on hand for making homemade pizzas, and the bread was put to use right away for dinner last night. I also scored a container of heavy cream (8 oz.) for only $.79 - this will come in handy for the chicken and gnocchi soup - I'm doing my take on Olive Garden's classic soup for Mother's Day Brunch.

My total spending for the night was only $37.28 for a camisole, tee-shirt, pizza toppings that will last us 3-4 months (if we make pizza every week), chicken that can double in a lot of recipes, and enough fabric for a fabulous pair of shopping bags that will be able to withstand the use I plan to get out of them.

We had dinner at DaMama's - tomato basil penne with ground turkey and mushrooms (most of ingredients were free from stockpile), watched some TV, and talked to my sister on the phone.

Later on last night, I started a load of laundry after 11pm (cheaper rates - check with your electrical company on what are your off-peak hours are for maximum savings), and started the dishwasher after 11 pm, too.

I'll post pictures of the new bags as soon as they are done (probably in a week or two) - I am so excited to see the finished result!
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  1. Frances Says:

    A very frugal night! Congrats on the great fabric find!

  2. Thank you - I'm so excited to see the new reusable bags finished!

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