I'm glad I had Sunday to rest, this was a crazy busy week and weekend and it felt good to get some well-needed downtime. For this coming week - I'm looking forward to a slower pace, some lighter meals, and catching up on my rest before Memorial Day weekend. I hope there are some great coupon deals, I'm hoping it will be as good as last year.

Monday: mini-date with hubby
Tuesday: Steak sammies with a sundried tomato aioli on hard rolls, garden salad, strawberries
Wednesday: Grilled chicken-topped garden salad, garlic bread or quesadillas
Thursday: dinner at DaMama's
Friday: Breakfast wraps, bananas, hashbrowns, juice

Dessert of the week: White chocolate raspberry bars

Lunch of the week: Ham or roasted pork tenderloin sammies, beans and red rice

Breakfast of the week: Cereal, yogurt, granola bars, fresh fruit
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  1. Precious Says:

    Oh MY Gosh! Those steak sammies sound SO GOOD!

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