In my local ads, Jewel has General Mills cereals (selected varities) 4/$6. $1.50 a box for name brand cereal is cheaper than Aldi's (my previous measure for what was cheap enough for this hound), but it'll be even better with some coupons I grabbed from for $1 off any 2 listed GM cereals. $1 a box, now that sounds even better. Looks like I'll be harvesting some more deals today.
In addition to the cereal, I've got a few coupons (printables again, of course) for $3 off any CVS brand item purchase. I grabbed some shampoo and conditioner yesterday for $.29 a bottle. I can live with that. Today, I'll make a list of the toiletries that I need, and stuff that would go great in Easter baskets - and as the limit is one coupon per customer, start making small stops at all the local CVS stores. There is one near my home, 2 on the way to work for me, 3-4 on the way to Dh's work. This will be a great way to fill in the gaps in my hounding. I hope to find some sandwich bags, paper towel, mouth wash, body wash, hand soap (I always need this), basic medicines, cough drops, small bags of candy, etc. Right now they even have BOGO 1/2 off on their CVS brand items (mix and match style) so this will be great. I'm looking forward to a good hounding today!
I still have a few Hershey's Bliss coupons left, so I'll be hoping to score a pile of those, as well. That'll wrap up Valentines Day gifts, as I've already collected 9 bags of candy - between Target & Meijer - for less than $.35.
It never ceases to surprise me how so little $$ can go so far. I still feel like a pup-in-training - new to the benefits of hounding.
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