I tried to fight the CVS addiction, but as the end of the infamous $3 coupon draws near, I am unable to keep from hounding....and hounding.....and hounding up more CVS stuff. This morning, it's -10 degrees out (with a wind chill factor of -28) so it feels as if I've been transplanted to the frozen tundra. What do I do? I stop at CVS on my way to work - grab those GE Cheese Crackers with 25% more and smile as I pay $.96 after using the $3 Q, and receive $2 in ECBs. I look at my stack of $3 Q's, notice there are only 6-7 left and panic: I need more!
Even though we are not supposed to be above freezing for the next 2-3 days, I'm still planning how to get the most out of my remaining days with that coupon. I'm even amking of list of things I should grab more of, like 7 body washes are a good start, but I should definitely grab more. I love this kind of shopping because I get to feel like I'm spending money without actually spending money.
I think of coupons as shopping with someone else's money. Most of us did that as pre-teens, maybe even teenagers - and we loved it. Couponing has become my "IT" thing to do. I think it's amazingly cool that someone else (or some company) is willing to foot the bill for some of my shopping. Now, if only I could turn this into a full-time job (with benefits, of course), I'd be in heaven.
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