I've been going crazy over this great deal at CVS. Now, BOGO 1/2 off isn't usually neough incentive to get me out there shopping, I mean it's good, but it's simply not good enough. What makes it more than good enough: cvs has a printable coupon for $3 off any CVS brand item purchase - and a great many things fall into this category. With the BOGO 1/2 off, many things are......FREE!
Here are some of my favorite picks:
Clearanced liquid hand soap refill - $1.60 (15 oz.)
Clearanced body wash $2.15 each
Spices: $.99 each (BOGO 1/2 off)
Paper Towel $1.99 (3 pk. - yep, it's bogo 1/2 price, too)
Liquid hand soap $1.69 (BOGO 1/2 off)
Aspirin $1.99 (100 ct.)
Band-Aids $2.29 (60 ct.)
IBprofen $1.99
There are soooo many items, and just not enough time. The only kick in the pants with this deal is the wording at the bottom of the coupon, "limit one coupon per customer." So I'll stop at each CVS on my route every day until that coupon expires.
There is nothing like getting my toiletries for free or darn close to it.
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