I got so excited to see mushrooms on sale last week at Meijer for $1 a package(organic ones - even better!) that I bought 4 lbs. of them. Each day for the next week, our dinner will feature some sort of mushroom in it.
Wednesday - Portabella, mozzarella, ham, and Italian smoked sausage omelets with hashbrowns, juice, and fresh fruit
Thursday - homemade pizza topped with Italian sausage and mushrooms
Friday - DHunny's chili, with 1/2 lb. ground mushrooms added to the ground turkey mixture
Saturday - Flank Steak, Red Bell Pepper, and Portabella fajitas with a Chipotle Lime marinade (and all the fajita fixin's!)
Sunday - Cream of Mushroom Soup, served with cornbread (or brown and serve rolls) and a garden salad topped with sun dried tomatoes and crumbled cheddar cheese

I don't know if I'll have any mushrooms left after that line up, but if I do - I've got some more great recipes in mind!
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  1. Amiyrah Says:

    oh man am I jealous! I love love love mushrooms! I hope you all like the chili!

    If you have any left over, mushrooms are awesome mixed in a meatloaf. You can even get away with using half of the meat you usually would use, because of the meaty texture of the mushrooms.

  2. Jenny Says:

    that's a great buy! i love mushrooms and actually prefer them over meat. have you tried sauteing mushrooms with onions and a touch of cream? yumm! especially over mashed potatoes :)

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