I don't know if it's all these trips to CVS or if I just have cabin fever, but looking out the window to another day of snow and ice has me wanting endless beaches filled with white sand (not endless parking lots filled with dirty-white snow) and the taste of something tropical. As a misplaced southerner (I've lived in Michigan, Minnesota, and now Illinois), I have a desire for things tropical (especially in winter), but I think anything with coconut or pineapple in it should be considered tropical or island food. At least I know my own short-comings.
I keep coming up batches of stuff with rum extract, flaked coconut (which I hounded - of course), or some kind of citrusy something so I can feel like summer is on its way (which it most assuredly is not).

I've been going crazy at CVS - grabbing up lots of their brand items (7 bottles of liquid handsoap refill, 5 bottles of body wash, 18 rolls of paper towel, 24 rolls of TP, etc, etc.) I have been keeping a list of all the things I've grabbed, but after 10 transactions on Saturday (5 each for DH & I), 3 on Sunday - I have nearly lost track of what I've gathered. That's OK - I'll stop at 2-3 CVS stores on my way home - I still get excited at getting something for free (or darn close to it)!
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  1. DH has been getting daiquiri mixes, where all you add is rum. It makes me feel like I'm on an island sipping a nice iced cold drink. I highly recommend!

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