I can't believe I've finally done it: I've gone into a store, selected an item, and paid for it using a coupon. No tax, no $.02, just handed them a coupon and scampered out the door.
If you're wondering what I got, here it is: 2/$3 toothbrushes - after $3 off cvs brand item coupon (IP), they were FREE! But, hey - that's not all. I also grabbed the Essence of Beauty Walnut Whip (lotion and shower gel) on clearance at $3 - for FREE. Mother's Day gift baskets are going to be super-affordable this year.

My goal for affordable gift-baskets or gift giving this year is off to an amazing start. I grabbed Hershey's Bliss (Target Christmas clearance) with $.18 overage, I've scarfed up Botticelli Truffles for $1.99 (WAGS), almond bark $.19 for a 20 oz. pkg. (to use up my overage from the Bliss) will make some great dipped pretzels (which I grabbed at CVS last week using the $1 off any 2 pretzel Q plus they were BOGO 1/2 off - so $.19 for 2 bags - great Valentine's gift), and a stack of Christmas CD's ($.69 at Target Christmas clearance). This past Christmas, DH & I spent less than $500 for everything, from food to gifts, to decorations and entertaining. I'm hoping to cut that amount for 2009 - and that means getting things free or close to it, snapping up simple baskets, and using some imagination.
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  1. frugalsuz Says:

    Great job! That $3 coupon sure is fun :)

  2. Jolene Says:

    Hey! Thanks for following me but u are following the wrong blog! LOL. I use this one just to update my challenge...the other one I use more often...I barley record our homeschooling ???? Even though I should! LOL

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