I love food. I love to cook it and I definitely love to eat it (at least that's what my thighs whisper to me - quite loudly). I love being able to have a variety of my favorites without paying a fortune for it. A good buffet is like the holy grail - you get a huge variety for a set price, and you can scrounge as much as you'd like. Combine that with my favorite meal of the day (breakfast) - and you've got a problem. What's the problem? $$.

Breakfast food is the cheapest thing to buy at the stores, but the price for local breakfast buffets is outrageous! So, thinking of the $$ Saving Challenge and of my wallet (my waistline at this point is long been forgotten), I'll simply do a breakfast buffet at home. The best part - all the leftovers will become breakfast during the week.

This weekend, we're doing an Annie-style breakfast buffet. Here's what's on the menu:
Scrambled eggs
Annie's Favorite Omelet - cheese, mushrooms, red bell pepper, & ham
Banana Nut Bread
Orange Juice

The total cost of this feast is: $7.15 for everything - even the bacon and O.J. - which are ungodly expensive most of the time. And this will leave us with breakfast for the entire week. The average cost per serving of the feast is $.60. Compared to $20 for 2 at the local Old Country Buffet, or $10 per serving - this is an absolute steal. The very best part - I can show up in my pajamas.
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  1. Amiyrah Says:

    Hey doll,

    I featured you on my "blog spotlight" series today. I hope you like what I said. You da best!

  2. Wow twice in one week. You are just awesome! And the breakfast buffet is a super idea. I may have to incorporate that into my weekly cooking sprees.

  3. Frances Says:

    This is a great idea! Your comment that a good buffet is like the Holy Grail sounds just like my hubby. He is all about a good buffet. LOL!

  4. Amanda Says:

    Sounds delicious! And not only can you show up in your pajamas, you can head right from breakfast back to bed for a morning nap. Heaven!

  5. Precious Says:

    We love breakfast buffets! Great post!

  6. Anonymous Says:


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  7. Thanks everyone! I keep craving breakfast buffet and now I've found a way to have!

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