Last night, my friend & I went to Dominicks for the mix 'n' match sale - combining our items because we each found more than 10 but less than 20 items that were considered part of the sale. With the Mix 'n' Match Sales, you must buy 10 items to save $5 instantly. And the beauty of it was: Dominicks accepts expired coupons. So last night, they accepted over $45 worth of them. Our savings was 69%, saving $100.xx and costing us each around $22.
For that much $$, we grabbed:

6 containers BC frosting
9 boxes Jello-Pudding mixes
20 boxes of cereal (mostly Kellogg's/General Mills - using the $1 off per box Q's)
3 Hamburger helper
1 jar of grape jelly
4 boxes crackers
1 box cookies
2 gallons of milk
4 boxes of Poptarts

Not too bad - especially for all that cereal. It's much easier to hit that kind of sale with a friend.
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