I was lucky enough to get my hands on the ads early this week, and the deals are so good - I've got a list and recipes to go along with it for 2 weeks! Hope you enjoy the deals as much as I will!


$.99 lb. green seedless grapes
$.89 8 oz. block Food Club cheese (cheddar/mozzarella)
$1.49 gallon COuntry Delight milk
$.69 Open Pit BBQ sauce (look for $.35 Q hang tangs on the bottles - makes it $.34 a bottle!!)
$.79 Hunt's ketchup
3/$1 bunches cilantro
$.49 lb. white onions
$.79 Betty Crocker Brownie Mix ($1/2 coupons work great on this!)


$.49 lb. Sweet Southern Peaches
$.99 lb. pork country-style ribs
$.99 lb. pork sirloin end chops
$1.29 each Large tropical pineapples
2/$1 bunched spinach, pascal celery, boston lettuce
$.49 lb. fresh garlic
$.59 lb. fresh ginger root
$.99 lb. baby baby carrots


10 for 10, get the 11th item FREE sale:
8 oz. organic mushrooms (white button and baby bella)
15 oz. tub or 2/7.5 containers Country Crock
Angel Soft 4 count rolls
Colgate/Aquafresh toothpaste 6 - 6.4 oz.
Meijer brand cookies
Meijer brand applesauce (pork chops and applesauce)
Meijer brand pasta sauce
Hunt's ketchup 24 oz. bottle
Meijer brand burger and hotdog buns
Meijer brand garlic mini-loaf
Meijer brand frozen pizza dough (never tried it before, but at that price, I just might)
7-Up & Pepsi 2 L.
Bush's Baked Beans 15-16 oz. can
1 lb. roll Meijer brand ground turkey

3/$2 Meijer brand pasta
$.98 dozen eggs
$.98 20 oz. loaf of bread


$.89 El Milagro tortillas (36 ct. corn)
$.99 corn chips
$.59 lb. (frozen) chicken leg quarters – 5 lb. bag

Here are the meals to go with the deals this week:

Breakfast: Chicago Omelets, Peaches in Syrup over toast, Georgian-style French Toast, breakfast burritos, fried egg sammies, sausage & egg muffins.

Lunch – Taco salad, chicken & mozzarella paninis, quesadillas, Homestyle Hash, pulled chicken/pork sammies, chicken & cheddar burritos, chicken salad, and cheese and crackers, and chicken & rice

Dinner – Pork & Mushrooms kebabs, Pulled Pork Sammies, Spaghetti with ground turkey and mushrooms, Hamburger Gravy over mashed potatoes, Teriyaki burgers, Cheddar Jack Mac with grilled chicken strips, Quickie Chickie, Turkey Tacos, Peachy Pork Chops with Baked Bean Casserole, Italian-style chicken salad

Dessert: Peach Cobbler, Brownies
3 Responses
  1. Amanda Says:

    What is a Chicago omelette? The menu and sale items look great. I bet Annie's Market is almost at capacity!

  2. I wish I had time to go to meijer this week. I have plans every night this week and meijer is just too far away to bop over to...I need to move up by you to have better stores.

  3. Chicago Omelet has mushrooms, red bell pepper, cheese, and some sausage. Just the way I like it! I figured if Denver could have an omelet, so could we.

    Central - You definitely need to move up here - much better stores for hounding.

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