With rising temperatures, I'm looking for a cool, no-oven-required kind of meals, easy on time and on the $$. Here's what I've come up with:

Monday - Kickin' Chicken Paninis, side salad

Tuesday - Turkey and Orange Bell Pepper tacos, Spanish Rice, beans, shredded lettuce, salsa

Wednesday - Penne pasta in a Vodka sauce

Thursday - Pork chops in a creamy mushroom gravy over mashed potatoes (crockpot), salad, bread

Friday - Italian - Grilled Chicken, leftover penne pasta, salad, garlic bread

Saturday - Date night

Sunday - BBQ ribs, hashbrowns, corn, salad

Dessert of the week - Haven't had much time to bake, so I'm subbing in some pecan sandies for our dessert of the week, but want to make some Appleberry Muffins tomorrow night.

Sammie of the week - We're working off some leftover pork tenderloin - which is making so yummy sammies for lunch this week. I also have some thin sliced ham/turkey to fill in where needed. We're fully stocked on delimeat at the moment, which takes some of the pressure off for meal planning/prep.
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