I love Ultra, I hate Ultra. Their sales are good, sometimes crazy good. Combined with coupon - there are numerous cheapies/freebies to be had. For example: this morning I grabbed 2 2L. Coke, 1 box Keebler Topper crackers, 2 bottles of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce (I'm hopelessly addicted!), 2 canisters of CountryTime lemonade mix. My total OOP = $1.82. Why I hate Ultra? Keep reading...

First the cashier keyed down my CountryTime coupons from $1 to $.98 (no overage) - which was okay, I wasn't going to fight over that. Then she keyed down my Sweet Baby Rays coupons (which was a $1/2), she makred that to $.78 - or the price of one bottle. Next we had the Coke/Keelber coupon. $3 off WYB 2 Coke 2L's & 1 Keebler/Kellogg item. There was a 15 minute discussion between the cashier and the customer service lady (naturally this wasn't in English so I had no clue what was being said), and I asked no less than 6 times, "Is there a problem?" or "Is my transaction complete?" Only when I told them I was leaving with or without the order did they push through the last coupon.

The cashier then decided to explain to me that the store wouldn't get reimbursed for the coupon because of the way I was using it. Like she was trying to shame me. I smiled, and replied with "Read the wording of the coupon - you might learn something and try to mis-inform the next coupon shopper that comes through your lane."

The lady behind me actually laughed at that. So, just to irritate the cashier - I handed her a CountryTime coupon, too! Got to love coupon karma, sometimes the cashiers are stacked against you, other times - you hit the jackpot.

Luckily, I got to work only a few minutes late - so, this is my reminder of why I don't coupon before work. No self-checkouts are open, the cashiers are crankier and meaner, and the aggravation simply isn't worth it. But the free CountryTime and cheap SBR's certainly are!!
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  1. Don't you just hate that....they are haters! They should be proud that we're saving money and ask us how to do it! Geesh!

  2. I had a similar coupon issue this weekend at Meijer, I have decided if I get flak again, I am going to complain to a manager. She rang up my order wrong so I did not get the free mac and cheese and then told me I could not use a coupon on the chips cuz I would only pay like $1 for them. Duh, that was the idea. She said she had to call a manager and she kept dialing and hanging up. I finally told her if she was going to be that way and annoy all the customers in line behind me mad to just skip it. The other customers thought that was funny. I really do get annoyed at my Meijer, especially since I have to drive around 45 minutes just to get there.

  3. Spaghetti - Some cashiers (very rarely) give you a pat on the back for saving. Others cheer you on (I've only seen 2-3 of those). I hate the breed of cashier that thinks you're stealing out of their pocket by daring to use coupons.

    Central - It usually goes in waves with me - there is always one store that cracks down on couponers - so I just mosey on over to a less crabby establishment. What's weird is having half of the stores giving me hassle about coupons.
    I've got Meijer on the list for later this week - hopefuilly they'll be less crabby than yours was!

  4. Charlene Says:

    Hi! Thank you for adding my button to your blog! Sorry that happened- nothing worse than a nasty cashier. Always ruins my day.

    Charlene/My Frugal Adventures

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