$1.69 gallon Country Delight Milk
$1.49 lb. Italian sausage
$.89 lb. Spiral cut ham
$.99 lb. Bobak’s Polish style ham
$1.89 bag Lay’s Potato Chips
$.99 20 oz. loaf classic white Wonder bread
$.69 16 oz. bag Racconto Pasta
$.99 28 oz. jar Rinaldi pasta sauce
$.99 ½ gallon Dean’s orange juice
10/$4 Dannon yogurt
$1.98 lb. Deli-style American cheese
$.88 head Iceberg lettuce
$.88 lb. extra large plum tomatoes

Caputo’s –
$.59 lb. red, orange, yellow bell peppers
$.99 - 6 oz. raspberries
$.99 16 oz. strawberries
2/$1 Red or Green leaf lettuce

Ultra –
$.88 Fresh Express salad mix
$.98 20 loaf HomePride wheat or white bread
10/$10 Dutchman Jumbo franks 16 oz. pkg.
$.99 Duncan Hines cake mix

Meijer –
3/$4 Oscar Mayer hotdogs/bologna/salami – use your printable Q’s to drop this even lower
2/$5 on Ritz – use mealbox Q for $1 off, and printable for $1 off – pay $.50
3/$4 BC Suddenly Salad – use $.40 printables and pay only $.93

The deals are looking rather lean this week – but here are some simple menu ideas for feeding a family of 4 on around $40 a week:
Breakfast – Raspberry Swirl Coffee Cake, yogurt, pancakes, fruit salad, ham and cheese scrambled eggs
Lunch: Grilled cheese with ham/salami/bologna, Italian-style salad, cheese 'n' crackers, hotdogs with chips and salad
Dinner: Semi-Homemade Spaghetti, sausage with peppers with pasta salad, Almost Pasta Primavera, All American Salad, Ham & Potato Casserole
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  1. Amanda Says:

    It looks like Butera has some really great deals right now! I have been craving some BC Suddenly Salad lately, this post makes me want it even more! LOL

  2. I just adore the Rinaldi pasta sauce - I love it when it's on sale like this!

  3. It may have been lean on the deals, but you got the stuff to make some bountiful meals!

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