It was a fun weekend for us – and still – a weekend full of savings. I love having fun on a budget!

1. Saturday – went to a potluck graduation party. I brought Cranberry Walnut Oatmeal Cookies and a Classic Party Salad. Cost: $2.43. Couldn’t find too many places where lunch and dinner for 2 are that cheap – and the food was plentiful and delish! Imagine 4 tables end on end (8 feet long each) loaded with food. It was a nibblers’ paradise. Until we got down to some serious eating, that is.

2. After the potluck we went to a movie (had to go see UP – cute movie, too!) – skipped the popcorn/soda, etc. Still full from the potluck! $16.00 for the movie tickets (also have a punch card for the theater so after 7 movies, the 8th one is free!). Filled another punch card. Next time we go to the movies –we’ll get in free!

3. Sunday – got a late start in the morning. Went out furniture shopping (still can’t find much that’s worth the price), grabbed a Frosty at Wendy’s, visited some family, and did some shopping (books and clothes). Grabbed 3 shirts for $10 each, picked up 4 books for $6, and that rounded out the weekend.

Total Spent for the weekend: $81.53 (includes fuel, tax, etc. etc.)

1. Our last electric bill was under $50! I’ve never seen it so low. All these energy saving tricks are really making a difference!

2. Our water bill was cut by more than 35 % too. I like that. I think I can live with that. Oh yeah!

3. Cable bill is down by around 15%, DH called and negotiated a better price.

4. Grocery bill has stayed the same – getting Annie’s Market built back up again. I love having everything I need on hand. So far, I’ve got many things filled – but I’m still trying to grab just a few more staples (rice, sugar, etc.) to get things where I want them. I get my best deals during the summer!

5. We’re saving 50% on our phone bill as we dropped our landline and kept only the cell phones.
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  1. Frances Says:

    It sounds like you are doing great on saving! I WISH I could have a $50 electric bill. Alas, that is not happening on the Gulf Coast.

  2. This may be the only time I see it that low - it helps that it's been a rather cool June here in the midwest.

  3. Precious Says:

    Good for you on the electric bill! I only wish I could have one that low! :-) My meter charge and taxes alone this month will be over $27.00 before I even use any electricity. Hooray on the water bill too! It all adds up and you are doing so well! Keep up the good work!

    Could I have the recipe for those cookies? They sound so good!

  4. Tosha Says:

    WOW! on the electric and water savings. My "delivery" charges on electric are $25 ish alone. Our electric was down by $35 this month. I say its because of the cooler days, DH says its because he hasn't been on his desk top pc much(too busy trying to build things with wood). I also got notice lat month that my water/sewer charges were DECREASING starting this month. That's pretty sweet!

    Keep up the great work reducing your bills!

  5. Precious - I've left the cookie recipe link on your blog.

    Tosha - Ever since we moved, I'm just blown away by how much we're saving! I get excited just thinking about it!!

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