Yesterday, DH was "Licensed to Grill" (that's what his tee-shirt said), and he was grilling up a storm! We've got grilled turkey hotdogs, chicken drummies, pork chops, and aranchera (beef steak, cut thin), and a mountain of cheeseburgers. Looks like meal-planning this week just got a whole lot easier. For me it'll be salad and bread picks, or maybe the odd side dish. Still not complaining.

Trying to get settled in the new townhouse is a bit challenging - much of the random stuff we've collected has been donated, and it's a lot of juggling to make everything work in the new place/space. But the good news? DH put together 2 of the 3 shelves for Annie's Market, and with the help of my friend, Sandy - we're open for business!

The saving $$ challenge has been easy, for ther most part. When you're tired - especially of moving/organizing, you really don't want to do anything. Laziness is it's own reward.

Here's how the pennies fall:

Saturday: Spent the day cleaning the house we just moved out of. Forgot to eat dinner. I thought it was awfully dark for 5:51 p.m., til DH told me I was reading the channel #, not the time. It was 8:27 p.m. Oops... He offered to make a TacoBell run and I was too tired to object. That was our "date night" this week, for only $8.38. We were too tired to rent a redbox, so we watched something on TV (too tired to remember what it actually was), and went to bed.

Sunday: We made a quick trip to Lane Bryant, used a $15 Q off $15 or more spent, paired with a 2/$25 sale on their tees. Spent $10.31 for 2 shirts, and saved $43.98. No problems there, aside from the lack of selection. Should have gone earlier in the sale, not on the last day. You live and learn. Went home, DH put together the shelves and Sandy came over and helped me stock the market - she's a total gem when it comes to organizing. I love having friends like that! With everything stocked, I see where I need to stock up - and boy, am I low on pasta! It's insane. Spaghetti is a food group, at least it is to me. Anyway, I digress. DH was manning the grill - that rounded out our entertainment, and most of my cooking duties were completed. I opened the leftover potato salad my mom sent us, and dinner was ready.

Total spent this weekend: $18.69.

Meal Plan this week:

Monday - burgers, baked potato, and corn
Tuesday - Grilled chicken, salad, and Italian bread
Wednesday - Portabella ravioli topped with a vodka sauce
Thursday - Pork Chops with mexican rice, beans, tortillas, and salad
Friday - mini-date! Going out for appetizers and drinks!
Saturday - Going to a ball game - maybe stopping for pizza with friends on the way home!
Sunday - Grillin' again! If the weather permits, otherwise, I'll make a big pot of ribs.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I used the $15/$15 Lane Bryant coupon on 4 pair of socks the other day. They were buy 3 for 15.00 and get 1 pair free.

  2. Great way to use the coupon! I went too latein the sale to grab anything good - most of the freebies/cheapies were long gone, but I cna't complain about 2 shirts for $5 each.

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