A huge thank you to my friend, CentralIllinoisan over at Life is Hard - Just Keep Swimming, for making me her very first Site Saturday. Her recipe for Italian Pork Roast (well, the chicken variation on it) is currently simmering in my crockpot for dinner tonight. To top the Italian-style chicken sammies, I've got loads of cheese and some pre-shredded carrot - Yum!
I'm brave enough to try a new recipe with DaMama coming overfor dinner tonight. I'm usually hesitant to preview a new recipe for dinner, but this time - I'm confidant we have a winner!
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  1. Amanda Says:

    Sounds delicious! And thanks for meeting me for lunch--I had a great time. Hooray for buffets!

  2. I had a great time, too!

  3. Central - Dinner was absolutely fabulous - and it became chicken salad for lunch, and for tomorrow's dinner - we'll serve it over angel hair pasta with some parmesan cheese for a Mediterranean pasta.

    Thank you for posting such a yummy recipe!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

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