1. While DM has to set up her kitchen from scratch, I've been able to shop the stockpile, and so far spent $0 OOP.

2. I have helped my sister and her family build their own stockpile.

3. The stockpile my sister has is enough to feed her family, and she passes along what she has learned. She even helps a few families back in MN. How cool is that?

4. I eat a better variety of foods/meals.

5. Even though we are cutting back our spending, it sure doesn't feel that way every time I cook. Or snack. Or wander past my pantry/Market.

6. I save gas $$. I haven't run to the store because we were out of something in nearly 2 years! I love it. And, less time is wasted.

7. I donate to the local food pantry and food bank. Every month, I gather up the donations and drop them off. I love that feel-good feeling of helping others.

8. I entertain more than ever before. I seldom worry about the cost of having people over for a meal, BBQ, cookie bake/swap, etc. I offer to host all major holidays, and many other events in between.

9. With all the high-quality ingredients in my Market, I find that DH & I eat out less than before. It wasn't so much a conscious decision, but more of a natural progression. If we can make stuffed Chicken Marsala (and we have), why go to Olive Garden? We saved over $20 on that one "restaurant-at-home" meal alone.

10. At work, I've now been nicknamed the Queen of Free. My co-workers are helping me work through all that free popcorn. So far, The Great Popcorn Caper has helped feed over than 7 families!!
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  1. Precious Says:

    Don't you just love the feeling you get when you help others? It is the best feeling in the world.

  2. This is what makes hounding so worthwhile! I really hope that I can one day get deals as good as yours. P.S. Thanks again for the popcorn-we are all loving it, and I did take some for my son and he liked having it too.

  3. coupongeek Says:

    Great listing! Don't you just love your stockpile! :) I've got a 5lb pre-seasoned pork roast that cost me $5 that has been teasing us with its smell all day long from the crockpot! :) Talk about an easy meal. Opened it, put it in the crockpot. Whew! Time for a nap! haha.

  4. coupongeek Says:

    Hiya Annie,

    I left you an award and Meme here Don't feel like you have to forward on if these aren't your thing or if you've already received one. :)


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