For the next two weeks, meal plans will be a bit different than usual. Not only will I not have as much time to devote to batch cooking because I'm busy packing, we also have no microwave. During DM's move, I sent the microwave with her seeing that we will have one in the place we move into, and I thought that she would need it more than we do. I didn't realize how much we depend on a microwave until it was gone - and that was last Friday!

Monday - Cracked Pepper Turkey & Colby Jack sammies with a garden salad
Tuesday - Ground turkey & veggies tacos with all the fixin's
Wednesday - Minidate
Thursday - Chicken salad paninis, tomato basil soup
Friday - Garlic chicken, mushroom, Canadian bacon pizza, garden salad
Saturday - Mother's Day late brunch at Rosati's
Sunday - Grilled Teriyaki chicken, bowtie pasta Alfredo, garden salad

For Mother's Day, DH & I will each be giving a gorgeous, homemade Coconut Orange Cream Cake, along with gifts to our mothers. Since we're in the middle of packing for a move, I'm not going to attempt to hostess a BBQ, though I really wish I could.
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  1. Amanda Says:

    I can't believe you are still doing gourmet dinners in the middle of your move! You go, girl!

    If it were me, every night would be pizza. Ugh.

    The Coconut Orange Cream Cake sounds dreamy--are you going to post a recipe?

  2. I'll post the recipe tomorrow, I will be making it Friday.

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