I am an avid beader, during my downtime from shopping/hounding. While it can be an expensive hobby, when I priced out what it took to create the Mothers Day gifts for DM & DMIL, it was far less expensive, and more personal for me to create something for them, using some of the beads I had on hand.

For DM, I used glass-based pearls in amethyst and wood beads in bleached beige, separated by some copper spacers. It's simple - but I like the look of the wood and the pearls. Fresh, simple, and classic.

For DMIL, she's an earth-tones fan through and through, and with her coloring - the effect is stunning. Here I paired some dark wood beads, the same copper spacers, and some lampwork glass beads in dark brown.

I'll finish off this gift by creating some matching earrings and voila - simpel easy gift, under $5! What I didn't take a picture of is the necklace I liked too much to give away. That one will go in my personal collection....

Since I'm not a mom, tell me what you think: would you like this gift for Mothers Day?
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  1. Tiffany Says:

    I think that they are beautiful. And they are so personal which is great. Any mom would love those for Mother's Day. Honestly anything that is personal I love (photo gifts, handmade stuff).

  2. Amanda Says:

    Those are beautiful! And since you made them, they gift is even more heartfelt. You are so talented, Annie! Have a great weekend!

  3. Absolutely! They are fabulous. In fact my mom made some bracelets a few years ago and gave them to me and my sister as mothers day gifts.

  4. frugalsuz Says:

    Those are gorgeous! I've poked around the beading displays at Michaels, but everything is so pricey so I haven't started anything yet. I guess its kind of like scrapbooking - once you have a lot of base supplies, you can pick up extras for cheap.

  5. Tiffany, Amanda, & Central: Thank you!! I love designing jewelry.
    Frugalsuz - If you want some basic supplies, give me an idea of what kind of colors/projects you want to do and I can send you some beads to get started with.

  6. coupongeek Says:

    These are perfect! Let me tell you that one of the most special gifts I got for Kaydi's birth was a bracelet my friend Debbie made for me with the kid's name on it. I wear it to every special occasion now and I think of the love that she put into it. It's PRICELESS! The Moms will love these!

    BTW, thanks for posting my button in your sidebar! You are sooo sweet! :)

  7. Thanks, Jaycie - I sometimes wonder if I'm being a bit too frugal (a.k.a. cheap) by making the gifts. It's great hearing about it from another point of view!

  8. frugalsuz Says:

    Oh that's so sweet! I really don't even know where to start. Could you give me an idea of what kind of tools/supplies a beginner would need? I've been feeling the urge to go poke around Michaels lately anyway...

  9. Amiyrah Says:

    Wow, very nice! I would love a gift like that for mother's day. You're very talented :o)

  10. Precious Says:

    These are beautiful! I would love either one them for Mothers' Day, a birthday, just about any holiday!

  11. Thanks Amiyrah & Precious!

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