I've been crazy busy, but that's actually been a benefit to my spending! Here are the highlights:

1. No lights on Saturday-Monday until after 9p.m. - I've been over at DM's place, so less electricity used for me.

2. I've run the dishwasher once in 3 days - conserving water, dish soap, and electricity. I also start the dish washer after 11 p.m. - off peak hours (thanks Amiyrah!)

3. Went to SuperTarget, grabbed 6 packs of Quaker granola bites ($.99 each) used a printable $1 Q from Target's website for each item - paid only tax! Also grabbed some bulk apples ($.99/lb. Golden Delicious & $1.19 lb. Red Delicious) for DM & I, used $1 printable Q's from Target's website again and the entire order came to $.21. That was a fair price.

4. DH called and reduced the number of days we receive the newspaper. Now it only gets delivered on Sundays, for $.99! Cheaper by far than buying it and the coupons are right there waiting for me. Also saves gas for me to go and get it.

5. This month, we reduced our cable package and are relying on free redbox codes to help fill the gap. Savings of $27 a month, have paid $0 to redbox so far!

6. Grocery spending this week has consisted of bread and sour cream. Total OOP = $1.62. For household, we've spent $2.16 on 5 bottles of dish soap - split between DM. Rolled an ECB to cut down the OOP.

7. Lunches are leftover spaghetti from last week - so $0 OOP there.

8. Thawed some English muffins I picked up for $.25 a package a month ago, will scramble some eggs to go with it for breakfast on the go this week. No McD's stops for us!!

9. Brought some beads to work with me, so I will be designing Mother's Day gifts for the mothers and Gramma. I'll take pictures of the necklaces when they are done. If they've been really good (and I have the time) earrings will be part of the gift, too!

I haven't had the energy to go for more savings, but being lazy has its perks. I'm too tired to shop, to drive, or to turn on too many lights in the house. I guess laziness has its own rewards.
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  1. Precious Says:

    Are you kidding? You did GREAT! Love those $.25 a pack English Muffins. I have been watchign for a deal on those here. Thanks for the heads up on the SuperTarget items. My sister has made me some beautiful bracelets and earrings. Her beadwork is beautiful. I don't have the patience for it.

  2. A.Marie Says:

    Wow! What an awesome post! I can't believe all the creative ways that you have come up with to save money! I'm impressed! I am definitely going to use the run the dishwasher after 11:00pm idea. The picture of the cake is gorgeous! It is only 5:41am here, but I now am craving a big slice of cake:)

    I found your blog when I was reading through some of SonyaAnn's posts! I'll definitely be back!

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