For all my fellow Chicagolandians, the deals this week couldn’t be sweeter. And to help sweeten the pot, here is a breakdown of the deals, the steals, - but most importantly – the meals.
Once you’ve looked through a dozen flyers, it’s hard to remember which store had what item on sale. Your next challenge - coming up with a recipe or a meal out of it. That’s where I come in – I’m listing a menu plan using basic spices/condiments and the items on sale this week. I’ll break it down for a family of four – portion wise. My challenge? Getting you the deals for around $40 a week. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Click on the titles to see recipes!

Breakfast ideas: cheese omelets, Georgia-style French toast, cereal/yogurt, and handy breakfast sammies.

Lunch: Tangy Turkey Sammies, taco salad, grilled cheese sammies with tomato soup, and Italian-style chicken salad over toast, Kickin’ Chicken paninis

Dinner: Ground Beef (or turkey) tacos, roasted chicken stuffed with rice, enchiladas, Mile High Burgers, Cheesy Beef & Rice Casserole

Snacks: Adam’s Salsa & guacamole with tortilla chips, keebler cookies, apples & peanut butter, cheese ‘n’ crackers, and baby carrots.

Your shopping List:
2.5 lbs. Ground chuck = $4.20 ground turkey $3.57 (3 lbs. @ Aldi)
1 whole chicken = $4.50
1.5 lbs. Deli turkey = $2.97
2 dozen extra large eggs = $1.16
3 pkgs. (8 oz.) cheese = $2.97
1 bunch cilantro = $.33
2 lbs. Georgia peaches $1.58
8 yogurt = $3.36 (look for coupons near display or at other stores)
2 loaves bread = $1.96
1 pkg. (36 ct. tortillas) $.89 (Aldi)
1 avocado = $.50
3 lbs. Golden Delicious apples = $1.77
4 boxes Rice-A-Roni/Pasta-Roni = $.3.96
2 medium onions = $.65
2 lbs. tomatoes = $.78
1 pkg. burger buns = $.98
8 lbs. potatoes = $.98
3 limes = $.15
2 boxes crackers - $1 printable Q’s = $1.33
2 lbs. Romaine lettuce = $1.56
1 box Quaker cereal = $2.00 (check online for coupons)
1 gallon milk = $1.89
1 jalapeno $.20
1.25 lbs. green grapes = $1.24
1 bag tortilla/corn chips = $1.29 (Aldi)
1 lb. Baby carrots $.99 (Aldi)

Your total (before tax) = $41.54 – slightly over budget, I know – but that was the cheapest way I could calculate this. Though if you print the coupons I’ve suggested, you’ll come in right under the $40 dollar marker!
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  1. Amanda Says:

    Hi, Annie! I got your email and I was trying to work something out with the hubby, but do you want to go to the Wilton tent sale with me tomorrow? We could go in the morning and then catch lunch before heading back. I'd like to be there when they open at 8am. Are you up for it

  2. Wow, that's a bit early for me. Are you ever free in the evening? We really need to do some shopping together!

  3. Precious Says:

    What a great post! I so miss having an Aldi's!

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