There are some great deals at SuperTarget right now – the SuperTarget Q’s (ST Q) paired with some savvy shopping = tons of stuff for very little cash. Need to round out lunches for the week – why spend more than $1 for a week’s worth of goodies! Here’s the scenario:

3 lbs. Golden Delicious apples at $.99/lb. – use 3 $1 ST Qs = FREE

1 lb. Red Delicious apples at $1.19/lb. – use $1 ST Q = $.19

6 Quaker granola bites (by the registers) for $.99 – use 6 $1 Quaker ST Qs = FREE

6 Chex mix bags, small size found by registers $.99 – use 6 $1 ST Qs = FREE

10 Hersheys Bliss bars at register for $.99 -$1 ST Q for each = FREE

With this scenario, all you pay is $.19 plus tax on all these goodies! If they have more of any given item in stock and I have the Q’s for it, I’ll grab more than the amount listed above. If you’re wondering what to do with all those apples, apple pie filling, apple dumplings, and apple cake/bread/muffins/cookies all come to mind. Here's a great recipe, made especially for all those leftover, slightly soft apples - try my Target Apple Crisp!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you!! I didn't know about the Bliss bars!!!

  2. Amanda Says:

    That is awesome! You are the Target queen! I am amazed by what you do there. And thanks for sharing the deals with the rest of us!

  3. Thanks, Amanda. Glad I can help!

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