I've been going condiment crazy! The sales are fabulous, the coupon stacking has never been better. Here's a overview of my trip to Meijer last night - not bad for a hounding on the fly:

4 bottles A-1 steak sauce/marniade 2/$5
6 bottles Kraft salad dressing $1.58 each
5 pkgs. John Morell deli meat $2.19 each
4 pkgs. buns @ $.79 each
3 pkgs. Wonder English Muffins @ $1.00 each
2 loaves Meijer bread @ $.98 each
2 pkgs. marked down ground beef @ $2.51 & $2.47
3 dozen eggs @ $.98 each
1 24 oz. Hunt's Ketchup

-$1 Q A-1 (1)
-$2 Q A-1 (3)
-$1.50 Kraft salad dressing Q (6)
-$1 off beef WYB A-1 steak sauce or marinade(4) (tearpad on A-1 display at Meijer)
-$2 meat purchase WYB 2 Participating Kraft items (condiments pictured) (5) (tearpad at Jewel on Kraft Salad Dressing display)
-FREE Hunt's ketchup coupon from home mailer from ConAgra $1.49!
Total before sales & coupons = $69.75
-sales prices = $19.55
-coupon values = $31.47
OOP = $17.32 - includes tax
I saved $52.43
Savings percentage of 75%

Not only do I have more of the tearpad Q's to spend, but I discovered $1/2 A-1 Q's at Meijer's mealbox = free A-1 for me, and more free meat. I'm stocking up on chicken and deli meat....when it's free, it's hard to beat. Though next time, I'm going after the nicey deli meats... after all, they'll still be free!
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  1. Jenn Says:

    thanks for the comment on my blog! glad to know someone besides me gets a kick out of my writing.

    as for your condiment love, you need to try herlocher's dipping mustard. it's a penn state tailgating staple. if you can't find it in chicago, let me know.

    and my dad works for kraft, so props on inadvertantly helping to keep me clothed and in college. (i suggest the kraft honey mustard barbeque sauce. i put it on everything.)

    =) have a happy holiday weekend! and say hello to chicago. i miss it greatly!

  2. SonyaAnn Says:

    That's amazing! You are so good at finding deals!!!

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