I've been going crazy trying to print off all the Kraft Q's a girl could ever use and I know how to use them! I think I've managed to print off 4 sets, and now I'm perusing all the frugal/coupon blogs I love to find out which stores to hit once I'm settled into the new townhouse. I may even try to print of another set at DMIL's place. I love my coupons!

I have to remind myself - no more shopping/hounding until I've moved in....and then I buy more free apples at Target. Or an extra roll of ground turkey (or 3). Or grab some other small cheawpie/freebie that, inevitably, takes up another box of "stuff" that we have to move.

So now that we have the keys, we'll be moving some of the kitchen/bathroom stuff tonight, with the big move planned for Sunday - and I'll figure out where to set up the market - because the upstairs pantry is a joke - apparently Chicago suburbs are the new New York. People store clothing in their ovens and don't require a pantry.

Yes, the pantry is virtually non-existent - I've never seen such a small pantry in all my days. And the funniest part - the pantry has shelves on one side of it. The other half - a big, empty space. DH suggested that we use that space for mop, brooms, etc. I suggested that somebody help me set up a real pantry - and quickly!

The cool thing about the new place is it's within walking distance of a CVS & a Wags! Unfortunately, it's also within walking distance of a burrito place, McD's, a tiny Chinese place, 2 pizza places, and a hotdog place. It's never good to have fast-food that close. It's like asking for trouble. Maybe that's why the pantry is so small..... See, I'm slow, but I get there just the same. It all makes more sense to me know. I love a good conspiracy theory - even if it just involves my pantry! Or lack thereof.

I've been reading other blogs organizational ideas, stockpiling before and after pic's - and I can't wait to get my own stockpile, Annie's Market, open for business again. So far, DH has accused me of packing all the body wash (guilty), not leaving him a spare lemonade canister (guilty again), and of having packed the ketchup (like I care - I don't even eat it.....that often). With the Market packed, it's making me more excited/anxious/eager-as-hell to get into the new place and get back to a more normal life. Wishful thinking....
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  1. Amanda Says:

    The days just before a move are so hard...everything needs to be packed, but there's some stuff that can't be packed because it's in use. Sigh. I hear you, and I am hoping for good weather and strong backs for your move!

    After you get settled in, we'll have to go shopping so you can replenish the market! :)

  2. I was hoping you'd say that. I can't wait to get shopping again with you! I've been living off the Market and it's really taken a hit, time to replenish. Besides, this is the time of year I find most of my great deals.

  3. frugalsuz Says:

    Ugh, I am dreading the inevitable moving of my stockpile. I'm not going to be in this apartment forever and my pile of "stuff" just keeps growing and growing and growing. You'll definitely have to put in some extra shelves there. One sided shelves simply won't do. :p Good luck with the move! I hope everything goes smoothly and quickly.

  4. I am so glad the move is almost here for you. Almost here means almost over. I would love to be able to come up and spend a day shopping too! I also would like to see some pics of your new place, maybe some before and after of the pantry?!? And the oven/closet :)! This sounds like my house! I have no closets in my entire house!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I don't really know if this will work for your pantry, but I just moved and my kitchen is also low on cabinet space but had a little broom closet (I only have a broom and mop, what a waste of space!). I installed a hanging bar (like the kind in the closet) and then hung one of those "sweater keeper" closet organizers on the hanging bar (like these: and am using that for storage of lighter things like paper plates, pasta, spices, etc. I haven't tested it yet with heavy things like cans. It fits perfectly in the the little closet and I was actually able to work it out so that I can still fit the broom and mop in front of the organizer.

    I hope this is either a solution for you or triggers a more creative idea that will work in your new kitchen. Also, in my bathroom I hung one of those shoe organizers on the back of the door and am using that for my shampoo stockpile. The bottles fit perfectly in the shoe slots.

  6. Frugalsuz - the flat rate shipping boxes work nicely for canned goods and I had a few of those lying around. I'm planning on adding 2-3 large shelving units to the pantry area - I really would like to expand over what we had in the house.

    Central - Next time you're in town, we shop! I'll take some before, during and after pics - especially of the pantry. It's a cruel joke on a hound like me. Maybe they got my sister's sense of humor...

    Anonymous - I never thought of doing that with the space. It's a brilliant idea. I'm going to take inventory of the lighter weight things and see if that'll work. I wonder if cereal could fit in there? Dominicks has a good sale on cereal this week.

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