Since my recipe yields 2 cakes, I made this for Mothers Day, a gift to MIL & DaMama. I didn't have the camera on hand for during pictures, but this is my brain-child, Orange Coconut Cream Cake.

The base layer is coconut cake, topped with tangy mandarin oranges, a rich cream cheese-coconut pudding layers, topped with lots of whipped topping, and dusted with either chopped pecans (shown above) or mountains of fluffy coconut (already eaten).

Since I'm lousy at frosting cakes, this is completely ideal for me. I never have to worry about taking it out of the pan, not until serving at least. This is a great summertime treat, and it looks far more elaborate/expensive/time-consuming than it actually is.

The part I didn't share until the cakes had been tasted was how lowfat it is. With each pan yield 12 generous portions, there is only 2.25 grams of fat per serving. I don't know what's more enticing: having your cake or eating it, too!
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  1. coupongeek Says:


    Thanks for the comment on the coupons. I am still laughing over it! :) Speaking of funny-- I accidentally mistyped your blogaddress and I earned a swagbuck! If only that would work every time my fingers didn't work right typing!!

    Did you try creating a new account at Kraft with another email address since you couldn't login? I also heard Redplum has some printables but I didn't try yet. I'm giving my printer a breather! :) I'd die if it broke. I'd have to do a posting...when to throw frugal out the window, and get a new printer! :)


  2. Precious Says:

    Oh this looks so sinful and isn't! Thanks for the recipe.

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