Yesterday, I was showing another friend of mine how to hound, and what better store than Jewel? I took her through a simple transaction to demonstrate how to roll a cat. This Jewel had no problems with my cat roll, I grabbed another 14 tomatoes, paid my $4.23 and scampered happily back out the door. I hope to run another 4 transactions tonight - 2 for tomatoes, 1 for pudding cups (my nephew is coming for the 4th of July along with my sister), and one for cooking oil. I love scarfing up all these yummy deals - putting me in a great spot as far as pasta sauce fixin's go.

So far I grabbed 5 transactions of tomatoes: yield 70 cans for $21.09 or $.30 per can. Even Aldi's sells them for $.49 a can - my lowest comparison price for the item. I like saving nearly 40% per can, and getting enough to last me the rest of the year.

I really love running these deals - it's a huge laugh when I can get loads of basics for less than the cost of meal at an Italian restaurant. Why go there when I can make better at home? And all these tomatoes have me thinking: Chicken Parmesan!
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  1. Chicken parmesan? I am coming over, make room at the table!

  2. Amanda Says:

    So happy you are training more hounders. Today, the western suburbs. Tomorrow...the world! Bwahahahaha! ;)

  3. Central - Anytime you're in town, you're invited over!

    Amanda - Slowly, we coupons will take over the world (cackling wildly)!!

  4. Frances Says:

    Wish I had a Jewel! Great deals!

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