While I love going out for a girls night, I hate how expensive it can be. By the time the night is over, it's easy to have spent nearly 1/2 your grocery budget, and be left with little or nothing to show for it! But, it doesn't have to be that wqay anymore! Check out these great ideas for girl time on a dime~

1. Spa night. It sounds expensive, it feels lavish to even say it, but here's how to do some pampering on the cheap: Have everyone bring 2-3 bottles of nail polish, lotion, etc. and put on some good music to jam to while you pamper yourselves.

2. Movie night. A time honored tradition that demands dollars. The cheap version: Rent a redbox movie, pop your own popcorn, make pitchers of lemonade, sweet iced tea, and leave out some good chocolates. To make the night more fun - make it a slippers/sandals kind of night - no need to get all fancied up for a comfy night in.

3. Dinner & drinks: Make a fancy restaurant-style appetizer (stuffed mushrooms are my favorite), put out some garlic bread (cheese optional), prepare a yummy pasta dish (grilled chicken alfredo on angel hair is a favorite), and have one of the girls prepare/purchase a dessert. For times like these, I recommend a cheesecake sampler, tiramisu, or anything chocolate. Simple, classy, and elegant.

4. Concert time! Go catch an outdoor concert, bring a blanket, some cold bottles of water, even bring the dog! The music is free, the weather is (hopefully) good, afterwards, walk the dog(s), catch up on gossip, and grab an ice cream. Saving money never tasted so good.

Catch a game. A baseball game that is. Go see a local team or a minor league teawm play. Root for the underdog, have a good laugh. Go back to your place, fire up the grill and have some hotdogs/brats. Great all-American fun!

Isn't it amazing all the things us girls can do without breaking the bank? It's never too soon - or too late to do a fabulous girls night on a shoestring!
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  1. These are teriffic ideas. I will be using some of them when we do our girls get together in a few weeks. Thanks!

  2. That sounds like fun!

  3. Precious Says:

    This all sounds like fun! I love cuddling up with DH and watching movies. Homemade snacks work for us!

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