DH & I popped in to Barnes & Noble and found oodles of goodies - all for $2 an item. This includes: board games (Worst Case Scenario: Office Edition was one of them), books (paperback and hard cover), some handheld electronic games (Guitar Hero - there were plenty of those floating around), cookbooks, kids books, and the list could easily go on.

I grabbed a Favorite Brand Name cookbook (it's one of my favorite cookbook publishers), a hardcover book, and 2 games - all for $8.68. If you need to grab some gifts for teens, tweens, and even adults/family gifts - this is a great time to stock up! Too bad a sale like this (for Barnes and Noble) only comes along once a year....

After that, we went to Caputo's and grabbed Fisher peanut butter for $.49 a jar. I grabbed 6, but will go back to day to score a few more. I ordered some coupons off of Ebay (20 of the $1 Fisher coupons) using a free $5 Paypal gift card from swagbucks - so the coupons were free, there is no limit on the peanut butter - last time I saw a sale on this, I had 40 coupons and the peanut butter was $.99 a jar. And I used every last coupon, too! Naturally, that's almost gone by now. Looks liek the sale popped up just in time. I love it when that happens.
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  1. slugmama Says:

    Dang! I wish someone carried Fishers PB here! 40 jars for free is awesome! You don't want to see how many free jars of Skippy natural are in my garage right now...lolol
    We just need to find a stockpiler with 40 jars of free jelly and we can have us some sticky & stuck to the roof of your mouth Partay!!

  2. Precious Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I will have to check out my Barnes and Noble.

  3. Slugmama - or a large basket of apples - I love apples and peanut butter! When I asked for a raincheck on the creamy peanut butter - the customer service lady almost dropped her phone - when I asked for a raincheck for 30!!

  4. Precious - There was plenty of goodies at Barnes & Noble - I thhnk this deal will run through Sunday.

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