The snow we were predicted is coming down, turning the view from my windows into a picture perfect scene. Too much snow to drive in, so I'm working from home today. Which will save me a gallon or two of gasoline - yippee!! Though, I do have easy access to the peanut butter, so the savings may very well cancel itself out.

I've eyed some good deals at Caputo's:

$.79 lb. large roasting red bell peppers
$.39 lb. bananas
$1.49 each golden pineapples
$.59 lb. anjou pears
$.79 8 lb. bag russet potatoes
2/$1 mangos
$.49 lb. Florida juice oranges
$.99 8 oz. bag Fresh Express iceberg lettuce shreds
$.49 lb. Andy Boy Romaine Lettuce
4/$5 Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauce (love this brand - great for pizza sauce)
$1.19 lb. Pork Sirloin End Chops or Pork Country Ribs
$.99 16 oz. Prairie Sour Cream
$.99 Dutch Farms cream cheese, 8 oz. bricks
$.89 14 oz. Dutch Farms bagels

I see some cheap breakfast in my future using the bagels for sammies or along side some deals on fruit, and potatoes will be my primary side dish for next week's meal plans. I'm still good on sour cream, but may grab a few extra cream cheese for the freezer - I love making cheesecake, especially in the summer, so this is the best time of year to stock up on that. Tons of salad options with the romaine and bell pepper, so this next week will be super easy for eating. I even came up with a chicken recipe using the deals I see for the week - a Tropical Chicken in a Crockpot! What could be easier?

The best part? The chicken for this recipe is on sale at Butera for $.79 lb., though Caputo's has it for $.99 lb. It's about time the meat prices dropped, my freezer is getting a little empty, and this sale is just in the nick of time.
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