DH & I have gone through most of the leftovers today, so it's time for our weekly meal-plan!

Monday - leftovers
Tuesday - Dinner at DaMama's - she's baking a ham! Yummy!!
Wednesday - Pulled chicken sammies, baked potatoes, green beans
Thursday - Tomato basil soup, garlic cheese bread
Friday - Pizza, garlic bread, salad
Saturday - dinner in Chicago at Nuevo Leon - best enchiladas con mole I've ever had!
Sunday - Spaghetti with Italian sausage & peppers, salad

Breakfast of the week: cereal, oatmeal, fresh fruit (unless I make the banana bread tonight)

Dessert of the week: Almond-topped brownies, ice cream

Snack of the week: Wheat Thins, apples 'n' peanut butter, trail mix
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