My sister's birthday is coming up on the 19th, and she is a cookbook collector, like many of the women I know (including myself). Now, unless you have amazing timing, great luck, or work for a publishing company and get remainder books - cookbooks are certainly not a cheap item. Unless, of course, you happen to have that great luck I mentioned. And one day, a scant week before Christmas, I did. I really, really did. But, there was a minor snafu.

Out Christmas browsing (since the stores were wickedly overpriced for that close to the holiday - otherwise it would have been considered actual shopping) with DaMaMa, we ventured from one shop to another within the plaza, our last stop being TJ Maxx. I've never professed to be any sort of fan of that store, or the others like it. I've been to Burling Coat Factory once, Marshall twice, and that was my second trip to any TJ Maxx. But after that, it won't be my last!

On a rack near the register, DaMaMa spied some books, as our family is full of avid readers, we decided to browse - and am I glad we did. We found a variety of new cookbooks from $2.99-$5.99, about baking, cooking, grilling - the baking ones really caught my attention, and we did not leave empty handed. We grabbed 10 cookbooks (for Christmas gifts, birthdays, etc.) and spent $35.xx. I can't even find them second hand that cheap - so after careful consideration - the pile of books was divided and 5 of those have been sent as gifts for my sister. It should have been 7, but....well, here's how the snafu goes:

DaMama (whose wrapping skills far exceed that of my own) was going to wrap the books and ship them to the frigid, I mean lovely, state of MN where my sister lives. To get the most out of our shipping, we also sent my sister's son's (Nephew #1) brithday gifts along with it (more books, naturally and their birthdays are less than 2 weeks apart - ship once, save a bundle). Maybe it was late or DaMaMa had gotten into the after CHristmas nog, but she accidentally labeled 2 of the cookbooks for Nephew #1. Oops....but then, not oops. Here's where it gets interesting.

I called my nephew to wish him a happy birthday (if I didn't, I'd get burned at the stake, or excommunicated - birthday calls are mandatory in my family), and got to hear how excited he was over the 1 recipe, 100 Cakes cookbook he received and how he wants to make the Honey Beehive Cake that he saw in it. Keep in mind, this kid also got an XBox 360. But, we spent more than 5 minutes just talking about his new cookbook (he didn't know that his Auntie got the same one for Christmas, he just thinks I've got a great memory....I'm gonna let him keep thinking that, too!) and telling me how excited he was to start cooking/baking. He just turned 12.

Imagine my surprise (and my sister's, too) that Nephew #1 not only was happy about the mix-up - and no, we're not telling him that's what actually happened, he has cookbooks, he's happy - we're happy, my sister though ....a little sad to see a few of her gifts going towards her son, but that's okay, more on that later, my nephew is genuinely excited about this gift. I'm still shocked.

Feeling a little bad for my sister, I called yesterday, remembering that I had some cokerewards built up, so I asked her what kinds of magazines she likes and for her birthday, she's getting a free subscription to Better Homes and Gardens! As a suprise bonus, I found out what her favorite magazine is (Taste of Home) and through a very savvy blogging buddy, I grabbed a subscription to that for her at the bargain price of......$3.99 for a year!

Imagine her surprise when I tell her (I'll try to wait for her birthday) what bonus gifts she's got coming! And today, that's the way the birthday cake crumbles.
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  1. Precious Says:

    I love this story. Both of my sons baked while they were growing up. My oldest son still does a lot of the baking in their home. I think it is great that your nephew is excited about it.

  2. I really hope it continues - I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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