We were out of most fresh produce, so a quick trip after work with DH yielded some versatile produce to use for next week - lots of options with these affordable fruit and veggie options:

$.24 - heart of Romaine
$.35 - 2 cloves of garlic
$.75 - 2 extra large roasting red bell peppers
$.79 - 8 lbs. potatoes
$.42 - 5 medium bananas
$.99 - 8 oz. whole button mushrooms
$1.49 - 8 oz. cremini mushrooms, sliced
$3.99 - 3 lb. Italian sausage links

Total OOP = $9.16 (includes tax)

I also scopped up some coupon booklets while walking through Caputo's - so lots of deals to be had for the future.

Want an easy, no bake recipe for....tiramisu? Just click HERE to see how to put this together using lots of basics from the pantry and freezer - I actually have everything on hand to make this tasty treat. Looks like dessert will be served in no time at all!

TIRAMISU - 30 Minutes or less!!
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