With the cold weather and the dreary skies, I haven't been too eager to go out and do any kind of shopping - and the stores here have been obliging with skimpy sales, Christmas clearance at only 50% off, and most stores didn't have much to pick from before Christmas anyway.

Last night, I stayed in and made my first whole roasted chicken. And never did I realize how easy that was! 5 cloves of garlic, some spices from the spice cabinet, a splash or two of olive oil, and dinner was delish! I took a little help from my good friends of Rice-A-Roni for some yummy chicken rice on the side, and we finished the head of lettuce DH bought on Sunday as a light, simple salad with some baby carrots (shredded), parmesan cheese, and a palmful of dried cranberries. Dinner was super simple, and I have leftover chicken breast to make into quesadillas, tacos, sammies, and any other lunch item we need for the week. I love a simple meal, and this will definitely go back into the rotation soon!

Another idea I had for roasted chicken flavoring - using free/dirt-cheap seasoning packets instead of raiding the spice cabinet. I've got oodles of Lipton dired mixes left from the last great catalina deal at Jewel and a few dozen Weber marinade packets from the freebies at Jewel over the past summer, so I will be using those to season everything from dips, to roasted pork tenderloin, to chicken, adding it as seasoning to pasta sauce, and anything else I can think of! While I'm challenging myself to cook more from the pantry and put all those freebies and cheapies to good use, I am also looking to round out the variety of stuff on hand in Annie's Market.

Since my pantry is fully organized and functional, my next step is to take stock of the freezer. I haven't really bought much meat in the past few months, so I will need to restock the freezer - slowly. My chicken breast supply is probably gone, and I'm hoping I've got the pork chops on hand to make Friday's meal - if not, there is always soup and sandwich.

I stopped at Jewel on my way to work this morning, grabbing Cascade, Dawn, and Crest - using a $10 cat that I generated when buying paper towel for my workplace. 4 tubes of Crest, 2 bottles each Dawn and Cascade for $13.18. Savings of $16.xx. For items I was out of, I'm glad to have found a deal just in time.

At this point, I'm nearly out of fresh produce - since I've been too cold/lazy to go to the produce market - but now, I'm see if Caputo's has any sales waiting for me!

Coupon Savings Today: $10.00
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