I have a secret. I like to cook and get housework done when no one else is in the house. It's unusual to say the least. But, I get so much more done that way - it's crazy!

For example: what can you do with two hours? Ready for the answer?? Are you sure?

I can:
1. Organize my coupons for the week
2. Whip up a frittata - lunches for the week...halfway done!
3. Bake a batch of cookies - why not, the oven is already on - saves energy, too!
4. Finish 2 loads of laundry in the cold water cycle
5. Clean out the fridge
6. Make a list of what we actually "need" from the what if it's only 5 items?!
7. Make taco/burrito meat for a dinner during the week (actually 2 dinners)
8. Plan my menu for the upcoming week
9. Add another recipe to my cookbook blog
10. Give my husband a dirty look and a derisive snort when he comes home and asks - "So, did you have a relaxing time?"

How does all this save me money?
1. Coupons...saves me tons of money - like the free salad at Meijer right now. YUM!
2. No excuse to go out for lunch - it's already made
3. No excuse to go to the bakery - cookies are made
4. Did both cycles on cold - less energy used than warm or hot water.
5. I actually know what I need when I go to the store - less over-buying
6. For only 5 items - I'll grab them on my way home from work. Less fuel used.
7. Another meal I can't go out for (I love eating out....maybe a little too much.)
8. I'm doing my best to curtail eating out, it's a huge money drain for me.
9. Stay inspired to eat in - I don't want to want to eat out.
10. Much cheaper to give hubby a dirty look now than go into therapy many years down the road for "not expressing my true feelings"!!

Wow - after reading that list, I'm exhausted. I think it's time for a nap. I love/hate being so organized - I feel great...until the end of the week, when it's Friday and I'm tired, and I think "I deserve to kick back and relax". Must keep up the momentum! Maybe I'll make some Sweet Cinnamon Almond Muffins tomorrow. The cookies - well, those are already gone!

Tell me - what can you get done in 2 hours?? Each week, I'm going to see if I can add to that list, one Sunday afternoon, 2 hours, 120 minutes, and see if I can make my work-week run along any smoother!! Next Sunday, have each outfit for the week organized and ready to go - let's see if I'm up for the challenge.
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  1. Don't you love those "alone" times that are productive, especially when the hubby acts as if you painted your nails and put on some lip stick while he was gone. Make sure you stick your tongue out at him next time. And that is truely a wonderful list of accomplished tasks. Good luck adding to it.

  2. I'll definitely do that!! Thanks - I need to keep motivated....that's the hardest thing.

  3. Burrowing In Says:

    I can get a lot done in 2 hours, even with littles in tow! Just yesterday I did 3 loads of laundry (washed, dryed, folded), made a tuna salad, steam mopped the kitchen, unloaded/reloaded and ran the dishwasher, fed the baby, made a grocery list and menu (based on the weekly sales ad), gave first-aid to the cat, emptied all the waste bins, scrubbed a commode, and turned the compost. Whew! It was actually 2 hours and 13 minutes because I had to pause and commandere a Rubbermaid lid which was being used as a sled on the stairs, and then tend to the wounded. Fun times!

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