I'm a huge fan of pizza, but in the past wasn't too big on deep dish (I know, I know - a traitor to the local pizza - how could it be?) but after last night - everything changed. Completely.

DH loves to make pizza and grill - those are his cooking favorites and what he did last night was almost too good to share with everyone....almost. He's been wanting deep-dish pizza for a while, and I keep dragging my feet, pointing out other cheaper options, explaining that it takes too long, etc. Naturally, I've been hard to pin down. Finally, after watching a FoodNetwork special on the secret life of pizza and seeing a few of our hometown pizza places explaining how they make a deep dish - we felt so inspired. Or should I say, I was hungry enough while watching to think this would be a good idea. I don't know why it took me so long to convert.

This deep dish pizza was.....transcendent. It looked like something off a magazine cover, it really did. Until we cut into it. And began devouring it. The fragrant sauce, the hearty sausage, the ooey-gooey cheese, the buttery crunch of the crust giving way to doughy perfection. It was magnificent - no, words cannot describe how amazing this one single pizza was. It symbolized hope, it spoke to my soul - okay, maybe I'm being a little too melodramatic, but this pizza - there is nothing by which to compare it to. For a mere $3.45 in ingredients, all but one of which we had on hand anyway, we achieved perfection. (I only say we because I was so humbly allowed in the kitchen to slice the mushrooms and flatten the sausage - otherwise, I would've been banished from the kitchen due to my predilection for snacking on the ingredients.)

There are many recipes we try in life, some succeed, others drop by the wayside, but something like this - it deserves to live in infamy.

Oh, if I've got you hungry - click HERE for the recipe. I couldn't leave you hanging like that, now could I?
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  1. Virginia Mom Says:

    Wow- it almost sounds too simple! (I always expect homemade pizza recipes to be kinda involved- especially when you're making the crust from scratch, too!) And I would have never dreamed of attempting a deep dish pizza, either! We may just have to give this one a try! :)

  2. I was amazed at how well it turned out for a first attempt, it's not very often that your first try with a recipe is that good.

  3. I am totally having pizza for dinner tonight. Not that pizza as I am on a no-cooking kick right now, but I must have pizza.

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