I can only hope as I type these words that help is on the way. The help that your country has needed for far too long, is finally being given. Watching the news last night, the pictures of the destruction were horrific, but the faces of the people - to see fellow humans that despondent, that was heart-breaking.

After watching the news, I called my mom (DaMama) and told her how I wished we could send supplies to Haiti just like we did when Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana, Mississippi, and much of the South. It's easier for me to give in-kind donations as opposed to money, but when you see the bleak faces, a people suffering under the worst kinds of conditions - it really makes you grateful for all you have and makes you pause - thinking of all the little things each of us takes for granted everyday.

My blog-buddy over at 4 Hats & Frugal has a great post: please click HERE to read it.

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