It looks like our buddies at Butera are trying to imitate Meijer. They're having a 10 for $10, get the 11th item FREE sale. While much on this list doesn't exactly knock my socks off, here are some of the deals and steals I found lurking inside:

8 oz. fresh mushrooms
64 oz. Old Orchard apple juice cocktail
1 lb. baby carrots, peeled
Progresso Soup Classics (select varieties only!)
14-15 oz. cans Del Monte canned fruit, select varieties
1.5 L. Lipton Teas
17 oz. pkg. Racconto Potato Gnocchi - (I'm going to try to make my own version of Olive Garden's Chicken Gnocci soup - I love that stuff!!)
Food Club Graham Cracker Crust (it's half the price that I usually see at Aldi's)
12 oz. can frozen Old Orchard Juice concentrate - select varieties
8 oz. Food Club cream cheese
24 oz. Del Monte ketchup
6 count Food Club English Muffins
11-12 oz. Bagels Forever (probably a 4-6 count pkg.)
200 ct. Valutime Coffee Filters
7-16 oz. Land of Lakes margarine or buttery spread
6 count Food Club toaster pastries
3 ct. Food Club microwave popcorn
5 oz. New York TEXAS TOAST croutons

This is a good price if you need some of the items now, there are a few I'll pick up now, but for some, I'm just going to wait and see if Jewel has a better deals in the coming weeks - a Conagra catalina promo should be right around the corner!

Also on sale at Butera:
3/$1 lb. bananas - limit 1 bunch
$1.69 lb. boneless skinless chicken breast - limit 2 pkgs.
$1.98 lb. unsliced mozzarella (half or whole deli-style block)
$.99 lb. split chicken breasts
$1.98 lb. Bavarian smoked ham, sliced at the deli counter
$2.98 lb. Munster, Quesadilla, or Brick cheese, sliced at the deli counter
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