In defense of winter weather, it elps me save money. Seriously, it does. It's too darned cold to go out shopping, but that's okay - yesterday, I sent DH out to grab a Redbox (movie rental) using a code I found online (which actually worked - woohoo!) and asked him to grab some lettuce and a tomato to go with our burgers for dinner.

Meanwhile, I stayed in, baked some pumpkin cookies out of the leftover refrigerated dough I made up myself when I was doing all sorts of holiday baking. I even have 3 rolls of cookie dough (each a different flavor) in the freezer. Since it's just DH & I, I just made one cookie sheet worth of cookies. I still have enough dough left on the Decadent Chocolate Snowballs to make 3 dozen cookies and ditto that for the Pumpkin White Chocolate Cookies.

So, my savings was small - $1.00 on the Redbox rental. But, there is no savings to small to be kept in my pocket!

Today, at the office is a co-workers birthday, since there is only 5 of us here, one girl will bring the cake, the office guy will bring bread, my boss is in charge of a card and small gift, and I brought in my crockpot to make spaghetti. Much of the fixin's for a good spaghetti sauce for me were nearly free and I didn't have to buy anything (as I always have the ingredients to make this on hand), so this goes down as a nice big savings to me. Much better than paying $3.00 for a loaf of french bread. Nope, I'm not kidding, that's what they get away with charging around here. The a lternative - everyone chipping $5-$8 and ordering a pizza. As tasty as that sounds, I'll feed them spaghetti and feed my savings at the same time!

Deal of the Day = Dominick's Super Coupons: $.99 milk (Can't remember the brand), $.98 - 18 count Lucerne Eggs, $1.99 Smithfield bacon - 16 oz. pkg. - limit 4, and Nature Valley Granola Bars 4/$6. Minimum $20 purchase satisfies all requirements.
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  1. You had me with pumpkin cookies! You'll have to pass over that recipe. I'm a huge pumpkin fan, I've been getting so much flack on the blog about it ... LOL I just can't help it :)

  2. I've got a few variations - I never tried pumpkin until this year - now I can't stop eating it!!

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