For the new year, I've been listening to some of the goals my fellow bloggers, couponers, friends, and bargain-hunters have been posting - and I'm finally ready with my goals. It took some deliberation, a lot of hope (that I could stay organized enough to track what I'm going), and I am ready!

For 2010, here are the few, fast, and easy rules for me to keep my budget and my life in balance:

1. Take stock of my market/pantry area as well as my freezer. Make lists according to what I need. Do not drive out of my area for a freebie - unless it's something we need. More shopping to be done to and from work - less gas and time required.

2. Spend 10-15 minutes per day researching the deals.

3. Donate monthly to the food pantry.

4. Track all coupons redeemed by DH & I. Reduce grocery budget to $175 month. $50 per month alloted for holiday dinners/birthday dinners - only for months when we are hosting an event.

5. Switch to reusable grocery. No More Plastic Bags!!

6. Finally, the big one: I resolve to save $10,000 this year through the cool use of couponing! All coupons count (loadable, newspaper, printable, online codes, etc.): electronics, craft supplies, grocery, dining, clothes, etc. No coupon is too small to count towards this goal!
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  1. slugmama Says:

    All worthy and highly do-able goals!
    Let's all keep each other on track, shall we?

    Happy New Year and let the saving begin! ;-)

  2. Precious Says:

    Awesome goals! $10,000. in your savings or investments at the end of the year is better than in the stores pockets! Good Luck!

  3. Thanks! I can't wait to get started.

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