After browsing through the ads this week, I never thought I'd be relieved to see so few deals. I've been shopping every other day (bundling my trips to and from work with my shopping to save fuel), and it's getting a little tiring. My typical commute has been about 50 minutes (each way) and stopping at various stores on my home from work makes the commute feel 10 times longer. It's only 14 minles from home to job, but the traffic is moderate to heavy.
I was stunned on my way home last night to see that fuel prices jumped from $1.81 a gallon to $1.98 a gallon!!! Holy *$^&@(U()! Where did that come from? Or, more importantly, why didn't I get fuel that morning instead of waiting to fuel up on my way home? I had enough fuel to make another round trip to work, so I hoped priced might've dropped by morning, alas - no such luck. If it hasn't dropped by my return trip home tonight, I'll be somewhat less than amused.
The only good side to this downward spiralling economy has been the fuel prices. The coupon values are dwindling, the prices in the stores steadily rise, no bonuses this year (for DH & I), and now skyrocketing fuel costs. Time to do some preemptive belt tightening, hoping to ward off the worst of this latest problem.

Goals to reduce costs for consumable items:

1. Bundle all errands. If we don't have something, we learn to live without.
2. Plan to move. Lease is up in June. Rent is too $$$$, smaller = cheaper.
3. Weed out: ebay for clothes, yard sale when weather is nice for everything else
4. More eating in: try new recipes, get more excited to eat in than to eat out.
5. Drop premium channels from cable. Use our DVD colelction more.
6. Hound more vigarously, especially toiletries and gifts. I can do better on those.
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  1. Amanda Says:

    #6 is screaming out for Wags and CVS! Good times! Also, take a look at my post for today--Dominick's takes expired coupons. Way expired. Hooray for us!

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