I think my birthday came early this about 7 months! I haven't seen deals this good since July of last year, ah - the memories. But, I digress. If you live in the Chicagoland area, Thrusday through Saturday, Butera is offering 50% more for your coupons!
It's as close as I've ever seen to double coupons, though naturally there are some restrictions. They will give you 50% more off the face value of any coupon up to $1.00. While that doesn't sound like much, Butera usually has some good tearpads, blinkies, etc. not to mention the coupons form Sunday's paper. The Butera here does not accept IP coupons, but I'm determined to find a few good deals hidden in there.

But, the deals certainly do not end there, my friends. Next, pop over to Jewel and relieve them of some ConAgra products. It's the $25 in ConAgra get $10 OYNO deal, and who can't use more Act II popcorn, Hunts tomato stuff, Manwich, Peter Pan peanut butter, or Parkay stuff. Plus - you can use expired coupons there - it just keeps getting better. If you need filler, Yoplait Yogurt (including light - yummy!) is on sale 3/$1. Also pork bone-in roasts for $.99 lb. And if you have any remaining Wild Harvest coupons, grab some free canned beans and tortilla chips. Are you thinking snack time? I sure am.
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  1. Amanda Says:

    How awesome! I am so jealous! We don't have a Butera in Aurora, at least not that I've seen. Happy shopping!

  2. There is one in Naperville - At 1290 East Chicago Avenue.

  3. Amanda Says:

    I don't get over to Naperville much. It scares me. Although I do love the Crate and Barrel outlet. Good times!

    This link
    shows the big cupcake stand and a few other uses. If it holds cupcakes, I'm sure it can handle muffins and just about any other small tasty thing.

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