Alright, here are some of the deals I've found around the area, feel free to leave me a comment if I've missed any good ones:

Ultra Foods:
The 12/$10 sale is back, here are the highlights:
Dutch Farms cheese, 8-12 oz. pkgs.
Rice-A-Roni with $1/4 coupon.

Over at Shop 'n'Save:
$1.99 lb. walnuts (now why didn't they have that around December, when I could've put it to good use?)
$.99 a dozen for Jumbo eggs (limit is usually 3)
$.88 Tuna Helper
$.99 Wacky Mac or No Yolks (there are printable coupons for these)
$.98 Pillsbury Brownie Mix
$.99 Duncan Hines Cake Mix
$1.49 lb. boneless skinless chicken breast (this is not a rock bottom price, but if you are in need of chicken, this is a reasonable price, but Butera often has it for $.99 lb.)
$.39 lb. baking potatoes

$1.69 a gallon milk with $10 purchase (coupon in flyer at front of store)
$.89 12 oz. Fresh Express Garden Salad Mix
$.99 a jar Francesco Rinaldi Pasta Sauce (I love this stuff)
$.49 a can Food Club veggies (same price as Aldi's)
$.99 8 oz. Philadelphia cream cheese - original only! limit 3
$.99 Progresso soup, use coupon on this
2/$1 Kraft orginial Mac 'n' Cheese

Wild Harvest canned beans: 5/$5 - use $1 any wild harvest printable coupon and you pay only tax! Coupon print limit of 2 per computer.

For Meijer Deals, please check out http:\\ - she definitely know best!

I'm sure I've missed a few, but hope these deals inspire you to get out there, and get saving!
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  1. Melissa Says:

    I can not get those wild harvest coupons to print. I've tried several computers and no go on any of them! soooo frusterating.

  2. I have been having difficulty getting them to print too. I will keep trying on more computers though to get sent out to you.

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