Loving this break from the cold weather snap, I had to get out of the house and do some hounding. With temperatures nearing 50 degrees, spring fever was definitely upon me. I figured I would just grab the deal on Fritos/Cheetos at Dominicks then pop oven to Caputos for some produce. Thinking, quite foolishly, that Dominicks would be crowded, I decided to make my first stop at Caputos and the parking lot was full to bursting.
I made a relatively quick trip of it, grabbing some apples and potatoes, some strawberries and some sugar. Toss in a few red peppers and a frozen pizza (me bad), and I was ready to go. My total was $9.79 for 8 apples, 8 huge baking potatoes, a frozen pizza, a bag of sugar, 2 red bell peppers, and a pound of fresh strawberries.
On my way to Dominicks, an ominous feeling started to spread. They've given me a lot of hassels with coupons, so I rarely go there anymore. I kept thinking about the ways it could go bad, which for Dominicks, there are more scenarios than a field has blades of grass.
I pulled into the parking lot, and not for the first time, I wondered if they had gone out of business. Walking in, the store was a still as a tomb, the only sound being that crappy, canned Muzak that every store seems to think is all-the-rage.
The shelves and displays were packed full of Fritos and Cheetos, so I generously helped myself. Realizing that I still had some coupons I found in Meijer from SuperBowl Sunday, I fished out one for $2 off any Fritos dip with purchase of 2 chips, and the dip was 2 for $4. I like free, I like it very much, thanks. I figured with as quiet as that store was, I should check out the clearanced meat before I left and I can't tell you how glad I am of that.
I spied in the bunker (low lying open freezer) some Johnsonville brats. I noticed a 10/$10 sign, but at first thought it belonged to the condiment on the top edge, but a closer glance told me I was not mistaken. The Johnsonville brats were on extreme mark down.
I quickly scanned my purse for a coupon I printed out earlier that week for $5 any 3 Johnsonville sausages packages. It was still valid and here was a great opportunity. Rather than be questioned about overage, I decided to take 5 packages. Reminding myself if I don't try for them, the answer was already no, so I grabbed some brownie mix, cheese, and Rice-A-Roni and made my way to the checkout. To my amazement, the cashier had absolutely no problems with my coupons.
I nearly danced right in the store, loaded my car, and then spent 10 minutes hunting for the receipt. Naturally I thought I lost it, but I actually put it in my purse (silly me!).
My total for that trip $8.13, after saving $47.74 for an 86% savings!! I spent more in coupons than I did in cash.
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  1. Amanda Says:

    $8.13?!? That's awesome! Clearance meat is the best. The cheap/free-ness just makes it taste better!

  2. Precious Says:

    Oh, I envy those brats! YUM! Great find!

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