Last night DMom & I went hounding at Ultra, and for me it's amazing all the deals I manage to find when DM is with as opposed to me hounding alone. In the cereal aisle, we spent 15 minutes scouring for coupons to match with the oatmeal deals we were find. People looked at us like we were crazy. We even called my sister to see if she and her boys would like some oatmeal!

We found holiday themed Quaker oatmeal for $2 a box, coupons for Fisher peanut butter that was already on sale, GM cereal marked to $1.88 a box, and I was brave enough to use some expired winetag coupons to score some very free cheese.

At the register, after dividing our purchase up (trying to work around those limits they put on the really good deals) and I scan through everything. Wouldn't you know it, the coupons for Fisher product and the winetags had to be pushed through by a disgruntled cashier.

First she had to examine the Fisher coupon, before deciding that she would "let me use it." I simply smiled and said nothing. I scanned the rest of my coupons (I had a pile of them), and saved the winetags for last. Naturally, they wouldn't go through so I had the same cashier come over and tell me that Ultra no longer accepted expired coupons. I said that was strange, I had an email from their corporate office about a week or two ago that said they would accept any expired coupons up to 30 days expired, or any expired to "ensure customer satisfaction".
The cashier spent 10 minutes reading the email (while muttering to herself that she didn't see where it said that they would accept expired coupons - even though I pointed out the section to her, twice), before deciding that she would "allow it this one time."

Our transactions:
4 jars Fisher peanut butter - $.88 each
3 dozen eggs - $.88 each
6 boxes Quaker Holiday Oatmeal - $2.00 each
2 boxes Quaker Breakfast Bars - $2.00 each
1 box Quaker Simply Harvest granola bars - $2.00
1 8 oz. Centralia Pepper Jack Cheese - $1.79
1 Sargento Havarti cheese - $4.09
2 Sargento Swiss cheese - 2/$4
1 Sargento reduced fat Provolone $2
5 bottles (24 oz.) Hunts ketchup 5/$5
1 box Captain Crunch $2.50
6 boxes GM cereal - $1.88 each

$1 Fisher product any x3
$.70 Quaker oatmeal x3
$.55 Quaker breakfast bars x2
$.50 Quaker Simply Harvest granola bar x1
$.50 Captain Crunch x1
$1 off any 3 GM cereal x1
$.75 off Cheerios x1
$.50 off any Cheerios x3
$.55 off Sargento cheese
$2 off any cheese purchase (winetag) x5
OOP: $37.67
Savings: $56.84
Item count: 33

I did notice that the cashier pushed through an extra Cheerios coupon, but after all that hassle, I wasn't about to point that out. I was afraid she'd make me start all over again!
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  1. Amanda Says:

    Good for you for getting all those coupons to go through! And shame on those cashiers who act like our coupon savings come out of their paycheck.

  2. I do the same thing with standing in the aisles and checking and matching q's, and calling family to see if they need this or that or if they will eat it. Shopping seems to take a lot longer these days, although it costs less! That seems a fair trade to me.

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