I simply adore Caputos for their amazing produce, it's fresh, plentiful, and (insert gasp here) affordable. I just cannot imagine buying my beloved bell peppers anywhere else. With that said, my menu will be revolving heavily around bread (grabbed some from the bread outlet for 2/$1 for the 24 oz. loaf) and this week's produce selection at Caputos:

$.39 lb. Rome apples
$.69 lb. extra large red bell peppers
$.33 lb. baking potatoes
$.99 lb. fresh strawberries
$.89 lb. Large Anjou Pears
$1.29 a dozen for eggs (it's not a great price, but it sure beats $1.50)
$3.99 lb. Baby Swiss - my splurge of the week

With this somewhat unusual list of sale items, I called my sister to ask what to do with them (she's a chef), so I'll be attempting a pear & apple crisp, strawberries 'n' coconut (yum!), chicken and swiss with julienned red bell pepper paninis served with hashbrowns. Any apples that get soft will be turned into apple pie filling (which you can freeze), and any pears that get soft will get turned into my ginger-spiced pear bars, or I'll come up with a cookie idea for them. Strawberries can also be frozen for use in smoothies and cooked desserts.
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  1. Amanda Says:

    Where is Caputo's?

  2. There's one in Naperville-Plainfield at Rt. 59 and 111th Street. There is also a Caputo's in Bloomingdale, Hanover Park, South Elgin (my store), Elmwood, and Addison.

  3. Amanda Says:

    Thank you! I need to branch out beyond my usual Jewel, dominicks, super wal-mart, etc. for produce.

    Wait, just noticed: you're in Elgin??? Neighbor! Well, almost. :)

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