It's back! That wonderful, lovable, delicious $1 any Wild Harvest printable coupon is back!! What that means to me is cheap, organic items like baby carrots and herbs, tortilla chips and white cheddar mac 'n' cheese, and cookies and whole wheat pastas.
Wild Harvest is a brand carried by Jewel (Supervalue grocers like Cub Foods, Shop 'n' Save, etc.) and from what I've tasted, is pretty tasty too. They carry dry and canned beans (and a dollar off makes this really stretch), baby food (free after Q), and some small snack items.
I preferred the unlimited prints Wild Harvest was allowing in December and January, but even at a limit of 2 - I've got my work, home, in-laws, and DH work computers to print off a few. Every little bit helps, and with my small handful of coupons, I'll go in and see what I can get on the free, or at least, on the cheap.
What still amazes me is how affordable, after coupon, of course, some organic products really are. I'm making an effort to purchase a better quality of food, though that deal on Fritos/Cheetos for $1 a bag at Safeway/Dominicks was amazing, I'm trying, I'm really trying. Besides, a girl cannot live on Cheetos alone.
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  1. Let me know where to print these off at and I can print 4 for you. I do not have a jewel any where close and will be glad to send them off to a fellow hound.

  2. I am so not having luck with printing since I got a new printer at work. I only got one so far, but will try to get you a few more from other sources.

  3. I appreciate you trying, thank you.

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