I've been trying to get organized enough to do a meal plan, which will (theoretically) streamline my cooking for the week. What I've discovered helps is planning for 4 days, not five. My logic being, at least one day something is not going to go according to plan and by leaving a dinner slot free, I've allowing for that.
I've been batch cooking each Sunday, this week I cooked chicken breast two ways: we have Italian-style diced chicken and we have 2 large cooked chicken breasts that are begging for some mexican seasonings, lettuce, salsa, tortillas, and a side of rice and beans. For variety, I'll make omelets one night, and homemade pizza blanco for another.

My meals for this week are:

Grilled chicken & cheese sammies with cream of mushroom soup, salad
Pizza blanco - topped with Italian style chicken, mushrooms, and garlic, salad
Ham & cheddar omelets with English muffins and homemade applesauce, fresh fruit
Chicken tacos/fajitas with lettuce, salsa, rice, and beans

This will work out great because Friday, DH & I have tickets (Free) to the Chicago Auto Show! I'm sure not cooking that night!
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  1. Amiyrah Says:

    what I do is I plan for 6 days and have a leftover night one day. If I don't get to a meal I had on the plan, it goes on the next week's meal. This sometimes works out great, because some weeks, I just can't think of 6 meals. I get to 4 or 5 and get stuck. I can add that meal that we didn't get to, and ta-da! A full meal plan.

    We also try to only eat out once every 2 weeks or once a month, so that's why I have to make meal plans for 6 days. Looks like you guys eat out once a week? Can't really tell...

  2. Wow, you're good. Yes, we eat out once a week, and one night is DH's night to plan dinner. Leftovers go pretty quick for lunches here, some weeks I have enough for a leftover night, some weeks I don't.
    I like the idea of bumping a meal to the next week. I'm so excited to do the meal plans - I can come up with more recipes than I have nights of the week. Let's hope the novelty doesn't wear off too quickly!

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