I am walking my sister through the vast world of couponing and hounding, and it didn't dawn on me until I started teaching her the ropes, just what goes into it. I guess its become second nature to me, I really don't think about it much any more. I didn't realize the many in and outs of couponing until I tried explaining them.

I still consider myself somewhat of a novice when it comes to this field - there are so many others out there who have a much better grasp of this topic than I ever will, but I can't help but think of how far I've come. In the beginning, my first true "hounding experience" netted me no less than 120 packets of taco mix for less than $5. I used every computer I could find to print off the internet coupons, used them in batches of 6-12 at a time, hitting every SuperTarget is a 10 mile radius. Sometimes I even stopped by twice a day! I was so proud of that - and after 4 months, I was so sick of tacos.... Ah, the memories.

I feel like I get to relive all that newfound joy of the chase, and pride of the deal through my sister. When she was proud of spending only $.50 on some organic baby carrots for my nephew's class Valentine's party - her excitement has spurred me into hounding and hard-core couponing with a vengeance. Not that it's a competition, it isn't. The only one you compete with is yourself. But it is inspiring to see someone else, especially someone close to you, make a difference to themselves.

Seeing my sister enter this lovely journey of couponing has inspired me to search harder for the deals, spend less on each trip, expand what stores I shop at, and hopefully learn to get lower-than-Aldi's prices on everything. I admit I still shop there, but for only half a dozen items in my pantry. With each blog that I read, every deal I put together (or "borrow" from someone else), each step puts money back into my pocket, and puts a little more pride in my step.

With most hobbies, you spend money and don't we all have at least one of those? This is the first hobby that has left me with more money than I started with - and I have tons of useful stuff! What could be better than that?
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  1. Lisa B. Says:

    You have now entered another phase of your journey. You may experience what I did, the satisfaction and warmth of knowing you have helped others in such a wonderful way.

    In my opinion, THIS is the best hobby.

    ps... thank you so much for your support on my blog. It has been so appreciated.

  2. Shelly Says:

    I agree with Lisa---this IS the best hobby! I've been stockpiling, CVSing and swapping coupons for only a year, but I've used coupons ever since I started college 15 years ago. I love teaching others how to save money. DBF even brags about me!

  3. I also feel like a novice, especially when I go into a store and my deals don't work quite like I have read about in other blogs. But I totally agree that this is a hobby, and a wonderful one at that! I don't feel like I have this down pat yet, but my mom does brag about me when we go shopping together. That makes me feel good.

  4. Central - My mom brags about me to her friends, and I totally feel like a novice when I'm at CVS or wags.....
    I've used coupons sporadically since I moved to IL, but I've taken it to a new level these last 2 years. One of my goals is to end my dependence on Aldi.

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