After reading a post on Precious' blog about chicken, this got me to thinking. Okay, maybe not thinkin' like a chicken, but thinking nonetheless. My meat centerpiece this week is chicken, and I am still amazed at the mileage I can get off a chicken. I cooked 2 large (about 1.5 lbs.) boneless, skinless chicken breasts this week and so far I've made dinner for 3, lunch for 2, and still have over half the meat left.

When it comes to a whole chicken, nothing this girl loves more than one filled with chicken flavored rice, rubbed with some season salt and garlic, and roasted to perfection. Much better, cheaper, and satisfying than a rotisserie chicken. If I had more time, we'd have it for dinner more often!

DH calls it "prison rations." I use the meat sparingly, usually in a rice, potato, pasta, or salad dish that relies heavily on other ingredients, rather than making chicken the centerpiece of our meal. Once a week, I am committed to making the meat a centerpiece, though. Otherwise, the natives grow restless and demand a simple dinner.

For next week, our primary ingredient will be cheese. I've bought 11 packages of cheese in the last 3 days, speing only $6.57. I scored some amazing winetags that gave me half the cheese free, and the other half came from a sale at Shop 'n' Save for $.99 per 8 oz. package of cheese. No complaining here, except not needing the Kraft cheese coupons that have been appearing in blinkies all over my area. No problem, I've sent them to some well-deserving hounds.

To make matters even worse, now they're putting cheese on sale (8-12 oz. Dutch Farms brand) 12/$10! What the (*&(*&! What am I gonna do with all this stinkin' cheese? I'd love some fresh ideas, I'd hate to lapse into another grilled-cheese-sammie rut again.

I'm brainstorming some new recipes to use all that cheese. So far, I'm working on a recipe for Cheddar-Jack Mac and a chicken and cheese pasta. I've got a recipe for Pizza Blanco that I'm eager to make again, too - so it'll be an adventure of asaigo, a calamity of colby, a slew of swiss, a chasm of cheddar, okay - stop me before I go any further.

Any cheesy ideas?
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  1. You can also freeze cheese for use later. I use cheese that has been frozen all the time. As for recipes I make PW's chicken spaghetti occasionally. It kind of makes a lot for just me though. I also like to make quiche with cheese. Or even just cheesy eggs on the stove. With maybe a little onion. You could also search some recipe sites for cheese muffins or breads. I have one for small loaves called spinich parmesean that I already emailed to bugsi if you want the recipe too.

  2. I'd love the recipe! Thank you. I just can't believe some of the deals I find. Now if I just score some more expired winetags - I'd be all set!

  3. Lisa B. Says:

    I really wish those blinkies would show up in my area! I'll see what cheese recipes I have, but I love broccoli cheese soup.

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